Rent the Rock

Beginning in the 2019/2020 school year, CPES parents/students may rent the use of the large rock in front of the school to paint with a personalized message for the whole school to see!

Below are guidelines and frequently asked questions to consider before renting the rock:

What can I rent the rock for?

You can rent the rock for almost anything! Paint the rock to celebrate birthdays and achievements, as a thank you, congratulations on an accomplishment, good luck, special milestone, offer well wishes and words of encouragement, etc. The rock is a fun way to share any kind of positive message.



Are there any restrictions regarding what I can put on the rock?

All rock decorations must meet the same handbook standard expected of any school sponsored sign, attire, events, etc. Renting the rock for advertising, commercial, political, or religious purposes is prohibited. CPES has the right to remove any painting deemed inappropriate by school administration without notice to those who painted the rock.



How do I rent the rock?

Renting the rock is a simple process - simply choose the month you wish to rent the rock from the menu above. Once you click on the month, the dates will appear on the next screen in the left hand column. Simply select your date, add to cart, checkout, and you're all set!



How much does it cost to rent the rock?

$25 per 24-hour rental period


How can I tell if the rock is available to rent?

Select the date you wish to rent the rock. The page will indicate that the rock is available for rent by indicating "1 left in stock." If you see "SOLD OUT" it means that the rock has already been rented on that date (even though you can fill in your information, you can't add the item to your cart).


How long is my rental for?
Rock rental begins at 4:00 pm on the DAY BEFORE your reservation date and continues until 4:00 pm on the DAY OF your reservation date. (Example – if Jane wants to rent the rock for Tuesday, October 22, she paints the rock on Monday, October 21 at 4 PM). You may sign up for more than one day per year, however, to give everyone an opportunity to rent the rock, you may not rent the rock for more than 2 consecutive days.



How do I pay to rent the rock?

Payment must be made through RevTrak. 



Where does the money go?

All proceeds benefit the Carolina Park Elementary School PTO and will be used to support students and to assist in their learning.



What supplies do I need?

You will typically need 2-3 cans of spray paint for the base coat, additional acrylic or latex paint (note – latex takes longer to dry, so if you plan to use latex paint for the base coat, plan accordingly) for your design, and tarps/drop cloths/garbage bags to protect the grass. We recommend craft/foam brushes for the design.



What if I rent the rock and the weather is bad?

The rock can easily be towel dried and painted. You may wish to bring a large tent to shelter/shade the rock from the elements while painting. The PTO will not offer refunds under any circumstances.



Can the CPES PTO paint the rock for me?

CPES PTO is not responsible for painting the rock. You are welcome to find someone to paint the rock for you if you wish, but painting the rock is fun, and no matter what you do, the person or group you are painting it for will love it.



What if the rock is already rented on the date I want?

Rock reservations are on a first come, first serve basis, so make your reservations NOW! If the date you want is already reserved, choose the next available date, either before or after.



What if I’m painting the rock and someone shows up thinking they reserved it?

If this happens, please click here to contact the VP of Fundraising.


What if the school campus is closed due to extenuating circumstances?

If the campus is closed due to extenuating circumstances (i.e. closures for impending natural disasters or orders issued by local officials), it is imperative that you not trespass. This would be the only circumstance where a refund would be considered.


Who do I contact if I have questions?

If you have questions, please click here to contact the VP of Fundraising.